Consultation Services

Break The Binary currently offers a range of consultation services to help organizations grow as allies and as a team. We have listed our primary consultation services below, all of which are designed for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations serving or employing LGBTQ+ people. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an initial meeting!





Organizational Assessment

By reviewing the organization's environment, policies and procedures, marketing tools, and more, we will complete BTB's 100-point Equity Evaluation to determine your organization's competency level, as well as areas for celebration or improvement. 

Interviews & Surveying

Through conducting confidential interviews and anonymous surveys with current staff, clients, and partners of your organization, we will gain better insight on the true experiences, challenges, and ideas of LGBTQ+ people navigating your services and settings. 

Vision & Innovation

Following the comprehensive assessment and thorough interviews, we will create a vision of the future to work toward that combines your organization's current mission, values, and guiding principles with a focus on empowering the LGBTQ+ community.



Based on the results from the Equity Evaluation and confidential interviews, we will create a strategic plan and set tangible goals with deadlines for your organization and our consultants to achieve together as a team in order to fulfill the newly-developed vision. 

Process Optimization

To ensure goals are met in the most effective and efficient ways, an agreement will be established outlining practices, meeting methods, personal accountability styles, and more. Reminders of the vision and ongoing encouragement will support the process. 

Resource Identification

In order to work toward the vision created, local and national potential partners will be identified to collaborate with for specific goals and tasks. Partners may include legal advocacy organizations, speakers, healthcare programs, and local community centers. 


Project Management

Our team of consultants will oversee the completion of goals set in the strategic plan, including changes to the organization's environment, proposals in new marketing materials, and capacity-building presentations led by our consultants.  

Support & Guidance

Throughout this process, BTB consultants will be available on an ongoing basis to answer any questions or concerns your staff and organization may have in regards to achieving goals, best practices and information related to the LGBTQ+ population, and more. 

Ongoing Assessments

Following the execution of the strategic plan, our team will continue to conduct comprehensive assessments and confidential interviews to ensure that long-term, sustainable change has been made and maintained, with potentially new goals set as needed.