Mission & Vision

"When people think about gender, it's often visually separated into pink and blue. But when

we reflect on the color wheel, there are not

just two primary colors, but three:

pink (red), blue, and yellow.
The third primary color of yellow has always existed, and my goal is to bring awareness to

those identities between and outside the

pink-blue binary...the yellow and beyond."


Addison Rose Vincent (they/them)

Founder & Lead Consultant

The mission of our consulting firm is to build a more affirming, equitable, understanding, and empowering world for LGBTQ+ people through the facilitation of educational presentations, the development of strategic plans, and the engagement of crucial conversations. We envision a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to express ourselves without repercussions, are offered opportunities for the power and skills we possess, and are treated as people worthy of compassion and respect. 

Our Core Values include:

  • Humility: With the understanding that we as people are always growing and learning, we are open-minded and compassionate

  • Integrity: We lead with and conduct services by adhering to strong morals and maintaining an intersectional lens

  • Transparency: We prioritize clear communication and openness with our staff and clients to work together as a successful team

  • Commitment: In spite of any obstacle we face, we are firmly dedicated to the progress and wellbeing of our staff and clients

What does Break The Binary Mean?

The term binary refers to something composed of or involving only two options. Most people think of binary code used in mathematics and digital electronics where "0" and "1" are used as the only symbols.

Binaries exist in many aspects of our life, creating this or that opportunities, including:

  • Colors: Black or White

  • Temperatures: Hot or Cold

  • Personalities: Type A or Type B

  • Directions: Left or Right

Despite these widely seen and accepted binaries, we also know and understand that there are more than just two options in many of these situations:

  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, and more

  • Temperatures: Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold, and more

  • Personalities: Type A, Type B, INFJ, ENFP, and more

  • Directions: Left, Right, Up, Down, Over, Under and more​​

But binaries also exist when it comes to our identities, ways

of communicating who we are to the world, and even in relationships. This includes:

  • Sex (physical, biological characteristics): Male or Female

  • Gender (social identity): Man or Woman

  • Expression (external traits): Masculine or Feminine

  • Attraction (feelings, orientation): Straight or Gay


​However, it's sometimes more difficult for people to see or imagine identities beyond these binaries. For example:

  • Sex: Male, Female, and Intersex

  • Gender: Man, Woman, Cisgender, Trans, and Non-Binary

  • Expression: Masculine, Feminine, and Androgynous

  • Attraction: Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual and more


Breaking The Binary, therefore, means bringing awareness to identities in-between and beyond sex, gender, expression, and attraction binaries. It means challenging the way we think, and replacing this or that  with this, that, and then some.