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Lead Consultant Addison Rose Vincent featured in Queer Femmes Coloring Book

Posted 05.18.2020


As of today, you can purchase a hard copy or digital copy of the Queer Femmes Coloring Book by Nora Rachel, a Los Angeles based visual artist. The coloring book features 28 femmes for users to color, including our Lead Consultant Addison Rose Vincent. All proceeds from the digital download will directly benefit SWOP-LA, the Sex Workers Outreach Project of Los Angeles. To learn more and to order your copy of the Queer Femmes Coloring Book, please click on this link.  


Break The Binary LLC featured in Medium article on trans business owners during COVID-19

Posted 05.14.2020


During COVID-19, many business owners are facing incredible obstacles and barriers to survive. Adding on the layer of navigating this pandemic while trans or non-binary increases the number of challenges. Medium writer Tony Zosherafatain interviewed three trans and non-binary business owners to capture their experiences, including Addison Rose Vincent from Break The Binary LLC. To read the interview, please click on the following link.  


Break The Binary LLC joins advocacy groups in requesting immediate funding for CA sex workers

Posted 05.13.2020


With COVID-19 creating challenges for people across the state of California and around the world, sex workers are left with few to no resources. In a letter led by ACLU of Northern California to Governor Gavin Newsom, advocacy organizations including Break The Binary LLC requested $10 million to be allocated toward organizations providing direct services and programs to workers in various sex trades. The letter emphasized funding for LGBTQ+ sex workers of color and those facing homelessness. 

Revolting Prostitutes feature.jpg

Santa Ana College welcomes Lead Advocate Addison Rose Vincent for Day of Silence speech and workshop

Posted 04.13.2020


Day of Silence honors LGBTQ+ students across the US who face bullying and harassment in school settings. Santa Ana College in Orange County, CA invited our Lead &  Addison to speak on their own experience with school-based violence, and their journey overcoming and healing from those experiences. Addison encouraged students and faculty attending the webinar to intervene and prevent bullying, and provided a Trans 101 to ensure better understanding and practices for the community.  


Ethan Alexander, Addison Rose Vincent featured in Vox article on non-binary people living in America

Posted 02.19.2020


Photographer and writer Annie Tritt visited our team around Christmas to capture the "everyday life" of Ethan and Addison, as two non-binary people living in the United States. In the piece on Vox, Addison shares their story of unlearning unhealthy representations of the community, navigating love and validation as a trans person, and anxiety they experience as a gender non-conforming person. To read the interview, please click on the following link.  


Addison Rose Vincent quoted in Vox on why "they" is Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year

Posted 12.13.2019


In September, Merriam-Webster added the pronoun "they" to their dictionary as a singular gender neutral pronoun, then went even further by announcing "they" as the Word of the Year. Vox interviewed Addison as the Executive Director of IGRP to learn more about how to use "they" when referring to someone, the importance of the pronoun, and the history of gender neutral pronouns. To learn more and read Addison's quotes,  please click on the following link.  


Break The Binary LLC interviewed by PRIDE Podcast and featured on Gayety

Posted 12.03.2019


Levi Chamber of the PRIDE Podcast interviewed our Lead Advocate Addison Rose Vincent to close out another eventful year. On the episode, Addison explains the difference between sex and gender, the successes and challenges of living beyond the binary, and the power of unlearning shame and addressing core fears. Our team was excited to bring our story and work to a larger LGBTQ+ platform to create change within our greater community. To listen,  please click on the following link.  

Addison Headshot (1).jpg

Addison Rose Vincent featured in California Health Report for work with Blue Shield of California

Posted 11.28.2019


Since March 2018, our Lead Advocate Addison has been a fellow in the "Reimagine Lab," an innovative design process that brought together 16 advocates from across California to build new strategies for domestic violence prevention. Along with fellows Ana Rosa Najera and Devika Shankar, Addison developed a prevention strategy for youth at-risk of incarceration by connecting them with their own family and community history. To learn more, please click on this link. 


Lead Advocate Addison Rose Vincent recounts college experiences and advocacy for The Panther

Posted 11.10.2019


Before Break The Binary LLC, our Lead Advocate Addison was already passionate and heavily involved in LGBTQ+ advocacy. While attending Chapman University, they pushed boundaries in terms of gender, inclusion, and awareness on campus. From competing in an all-women's pageant and winning Miss Congeniality, to creating an All Gender Restroom Day campaign, Addison has been working to create more empowering and affirming spaces. Click here to read the full story. 



Break The Binary LLC joins Queer Body Positivity panel at Chapman University for LGBTQ+ History Month

Posted 10.27.2019


On a panel led and moderated by Amir Yassi, Lead Advocate Addison Rose Vincent discussed their perspective on queer body positivity in 2019. Addison discussed unlearning shame and unhealthy coping mechanisms, coming out as a queer and trans person on a conservative campus, and reframing others' actions through a trauma-informed care lens. Addison left attending students with words of advice and encouragement to continue a long legacy of student activism. Read more at this link. 



Ethan Alexander celebrates new role of Care Coordinator with UCLA Gender Health Program

Posted 09.30.2019


Our team is excited to share that Ethan is now the new Care Coordinator for the Gender Health Program at UCLA. In addition to being our Senior Manager, Ethan will be serving the UCLA community by supporting transgender and non-binary patients access gender affirming medical care and services. We are proud of Ethan and look forward to the incredible work he will continue to do for the community! To see Ethan's bio on the UCLA website, please click here. 


Founder and Lead Consultant Addison Rose Vincent

featured in Qwear piece on Non-Binary Fashion

Posted 07.26.2019


Addison Rose Vincent was featured in an piece on fashion and styles beyond the binary for Qwear, a fashion blog and resource for the LGBTQ+ community. In the piece, Addison's yellow suit is showcased as an example of a way to make a statement: "Fitted suits are already a popular dapper trend, but reaching for a brighter color like red [or yellow] can definitely make you stand out." To learn more about fashion beyond the binary, please click on the following link.  


Addison Rose Vincent featured in interview by Ditch the Label on being non-binary, allyship, and Pride season

Posted 07.11.2019


Our Founder and Lead Consultant Addison was recently interviewed by Ditch the Label, an international organization working to end and prevent all forms of bullying. In their interview, Addison discusses their experiences as a visibly gender non-conforming person, the importance and origins of their advocacy, what allies can do to better support the community, and what Pride season means to them. To read the interview, please click on the following link.  

Founder and Lead Consultant Addison Rose Vincent

to facilitate workshop at the 2019 EDGY Conference

Posted 07.04.2019


We are proud to share that Addison will be leading a workshop and presentation on "Trauma-Informed Care for Transgender & Non-Binary Clients" at this year's EDGY Conference on November 8th in Los Angeles. This is Addison's second year presenting at the conference, and an amazing opportunity to educate and train mental health service providers on working with the LGBTQ+ community. For more information on the event and to purchase tickets,  please click on the following link.  


Addison Rose Vincent speaks on transgender panel at
Reach LA's Gay Men Discussion Group

Posted 06.25.2019


Yesterday at Reach LA in Downtown Los Angeles, Addison had the honor of joining activists Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton and Jaden Fields on a panel discussion of how gay men can be aspiring allies to the transgender and non-binary community. The discussion delved into language ("What does normal 

mean? How does the LGBTQ+ community put each other

down to feel more normal?"), terminology, culture, history, media representation, pressing issues, trauma, and healing.  

Ethan Alexander and Addison Rose Vincent
featured in Google Pixel's Pride Commercial

Posted 06.23.2019


Similar to other companies during Pride season, Google launched a LGBTQ+ kissing campaign to promote their new Pixel device. Included in the kissing couples was our very own Addison Rose Vincent and their partner Ethan Alexander Patron, the Intake Coordinator for the Transgender Health Program at St. John's Well Child & Family Center. "We had so much fun shooting with the Google team," said Addison. "I look forward to more opportunities to be visible, proud, and in love."  

Addison Rose Vincent shares story and experiences as non-binary people at Trans Pride 2019

Posted 06.15.2019


Our Founder and Lead Consultant Addison Rose Vincent spoke today at Trans Pride, organized by Gina Bigham and hosted by the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Joined by non-binary advocates Eden Anai Luna, Grey Crouch, NiK Kacy, and MJ Brown, Addison spoke on the importance of using gender-ful language, and the need for aspiring allies to work on themselves - to address and heal from transphobia and binarism they've been conditioned to - in order to truly support the non-binary community.  


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Ethan Alexander, Addison Rose Vincent lead Non-Binary Panel at LGBTQI2S Mental Health Conference

Posted 06.12.2019


On Wednesday, Addison led and facilitated a panel of non-binary advocates of color to discuss a variety of topics related to the non-binary experience. Panelists included Ana Bernal, Eden Anai Luna, NiK Kacy, and Ethan Alexander. Addison developed a series of questions with relevant statistics and information designed for each panelist. Topics covered in this panel included terminology and language, stigma and misconceptions, culture and intersectionality, and how aspiring allies can support. 


Ethan Alexander and Addison Rose Vincent's love
featured in FIGHT Magazine's Pride Month Issue

Posted 06.06.2019


Consultants Ethan and Addison were recently asked to write a piece for FIGHT Magazine's Pride Month issue on their love and relationship as two non-binary people living in Los Angeles. Reflecting on their journey, they write: " We often feel like pieces in a puzzle box who, to others, seem misshapen or out of place, but when combined fit perfectly together and create a completely new, beautiful vision." To read their Non-Binary Love piece in full, please click on the following link.